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hi. my name is yoav ben-dov  – physicist, philosopher of science, Tarot creator and writer. you can read about me here.

this is my English Tarot website featuring:

  • CBD Tarot de Marseille cards – my restoration of the traditional Tarot
  • my book Tarot – The Open reading
  • an android app (free and pro)
  • and additional materials.

here you can read many great reviews of the cards, the book and the app.

CBD Tarot de Marseille

a faithful reproduction of the traditional Tarot deck, restored and published by myself

CBD Tarot de Marseille

you can read more details, browse picture galleries, see video clips, learn about the special features of the CBD Tarot de Marseille, experience a 3-cards online spread, download the card pictures for home printing or website use, or buy a deck.

Tarot – The Open Reading

my book fearuring the CBD Tarot de Marseille, available on Amazon (paperback and Kindle versions)

CBD Tarot - Tarot - the Open Readingyou can read about the book’s features, see the table of contents, click some sections to read them, or buy the book. the first part can also be read through the “look inside” feature in the Amazon book page (the Kindle version offers a longer preview).

Android CBD Tarot app

CBD Tarot android apptry the free version or buy the pro version – both with CBD Tarot de Marseille cards and texts adapted from Tarot – The Open Reading. the app is produced and distributed under licence by Galaxy Tone.

for Apple ios, Tarot ecards has a free module with CBD Tarot de Marseille cards and generic texts.

see also my blog for updates and additional contents, more for additional materials, the download section for card pictures and short interpretation guides, or contact me here.