here is how to buy the cards, the book or the app:

  • CBD cards and bookto buy the book Tarot – The Open Reading (as a paperback or in a Kindle electronic format), click here. please note that if you buy the paperback (from only), you can get the Kindle version for free.

you can also go directly to the book’s page at to have it shipped inside or from the U.S.

  • to buy a deck of CBD Tarot de Marseille, click here

both the book and the cards are shipped worldwide.

the cards can be paid for with Paypal, which accepts also credit cards.

the book is sold by Amazon, which accepts credit cards only. but if you don’t have a credit card, you can write me and I will arrange for you to pay for the book with Paypal.

  • also available: CBD Tarot de Marseille app for android – with CBD cards and interpretations adapted from “Tarot – The Open Reading”. try the free or buy the pro version.
  • Tarot ecards app for iphone also has a module with CBD Tarot de Marseille.