online 3-cards spread

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this is an online version of the open reading’s basic spread: three cards from among the 22 CBD Tarot majors, with no inverse cards. this is usually enough for most types of problems and situations.

clicking on each card opens its english title and a short interpretation text. however, in the open reading spirit, i suggest that you hide the text (or avoid opening it in the first place), and rather concentrate on the images and on the story that you may see in them. remember, these cards are a modern reproduction of the most powerful and influential traditional Tarot, the Conver deck. they have their magic, and their illustrations can speak directly to your mind once you open yourself to their presence. verbal interpretation can only weaken the effect. i also recommend looking at the spread in full screen, with no visual distractions. depending on your browser, this is usually done by pressing the F11 key.

note: this is a simple old-fashioned javascript written a few years ago by my son Idan. it cannot save the spread, and once you “refresh” the page a new card combination will appear. if you want to keep the spread for later reference, i suggest that you write down the card titles (left to right, that is the order of reading). alternatively you can use “print screen”, take a photo of the screen with your cellphone, and so on.

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